Look at life anew

Today a new story is being written in an established, pleasant neighbourhood. Sir John welcomes its new owners to a decidedly modern living space.

Tag along for a day and share in their happiness.


Mila’s new bedroom

6:30 am. Finally, the alarm has rung. Mila had already been awake for a few minutes, too excited by the prospect of starting kindergarten. Hopping from her bed, she looks around to take in her new surroundings. While she adores her little brother, she feels really lucky to have her very own bedroom, now that her family have moved into a large condo.

After putting on her nicest outfit, she hurries to join her parents in the new kitchen. 7:15 am., time to dash! Her dad is going with her on this big day. Soon, though, she’ll be able to head to school by herself since it’s so very close.

2:45 pm. Done for the day already! Time went by so very quickly. Mila doesn’t have enough fingers to count all the new friends she made today. Ever since her family moved to Mercier-Ouest, she’s grown happier with every day. She can’t wait for tomorrow.


A successful student life

Just steps from her studio, Ève grabs the metro at Langelier. 8:15 am. While seated on the train she takes some time during the short trip to polish up a couple of things in her essay. Satisfied, she closes her laptop: the day is starting off well.

Noon. Her mother joins her for lunch, curious about how her daughter is getting on in her brand-new studio. She’s thrilled to learn that Ève adores her new lifestyle and congratulates herself on making the Sir John purchase. It’s a sound investment that, for now, allows her daughter to focus on her studies. Ève is very grateful and insists on picking up the tab before heading back to the university.

5 pm. This evening Ève is hosting Sarah, with whom she’s finishing an end of semester project. Last time they studied together, it was at her friend’s stunning condo that Sarah just moved into at the Edwin project, right by the Atwater market. Tonight, while seated at the kitchen island, the two toast their mutual good fortune. What joy!


Pierre & Céline’s happy days

1:30 pm.
After lunch on the terrace with its incomparable view of the horizon, Pierre begins to clear the table while Céline lounges for a while longer. Their contentment hasn’t lessened a bit since they moved in. Newly retired, they traded life in their suburban home to move to Mercier-Ouest and all its amenities. Indeed, there are a few errands to run this afternoon.

3:10 pm. Pierre exits Place Versailles with several shopping bags. Usually he’d go there on foot, but knowing all he’d have to carry today,he opted for taking the car. He’s doubly pleased with that choice since a downpour has begun to drench eastern Montreal. Always the gallant one, Pierre picks Céline up at the Langelier library, just opposite Sir John, to protect her from the rain.

3:30 pm. They park the car in the garage, take their parcels and head up to their place in the closest elevator. Ah, to be home happy and dry.


The dawn of new life

Valerie cradles Arthur to help him fall back to sleep. It’s 3:35 am. Mission accomplished. She climbs back into bed with Alexandre. It’s only been a month since they moved into their spacious new townhouse. As she drifts off to sleep, she’s momentarily seized by how very happy she feels.

8 am. Alexandre leaves for work. Valerie will continue to enjoy the few weeks that remain in her maternity leave. Despite her reduced salary of the past few months, the loving couple were still able to afford a brand-new property in Montreal with the help of the federal first-time home buyers’ incentive.

10:20 am. Valerie heads out with Arthur for some air. With the baby in the stroller, she heads to the neighbouring shops. She buys some babyessentials at Walmart and picks up some fruit at Metro Plus. As she heads home, she’s more than certain that she and Alexandre made theright decision. Sir John provides an exceptional lifestyle for their young family


A weekend at the cottage

Seated at the island, Sophie watches Francis as he heads off to work. When he comes through the door this evening it’ll officially be the weekend. She tries to contain her excitement. 8:20 am. She’s finished her coffee and relaxes in the deep quiet of the condo, then she heads into her wonderfully illuminated office. Time to work!

9 am. A text interrupts her concentration. It’s Francis. He’s been downtown for a few minutes already. Thanks to the city’s assistance for residential property purchase, they were able to afford a first property in Montreal. What a timesaver! And now they only need one car, for Francis’ work. Sophie much prefers public transit; she feels freer.

5:35 pm. The door opens and Sophie goes to greet Francis and hug him. Between two jobs, she had time to pack their bags. They’re leaving straight away to join their friends at the cottage in Lanaudière. They’ll be there in under an hour. The living is easy at Sir John!


A romantic Saturday

After a taxing work week, Maryse and Marc decide that today will be their special lovers’ day. 11:45 They carefully pack some sandwiches, veggies and cheese into the ice cooler. At Maryse’s urging, Marc adds a little bottle of bubbly, too. After all, it’s Saturday!

12:15 As they leave the building, they each hop onto a BIXI and head straight to Maisonneuve park, just a few kilometres away. They roll out their picnic blanket and settle down comfortably to while away the afternoon picnicking and soaking up the calm in the peacefully green setting.

5:30 pm. They’re home. Marc has saved a last surprise for Maryse. He’s got it all prepared: they’ll have a leisurely drink in the rooftop terrace lounge. Maryse adores spending time there and taking in the view. Sometimes happiness can be measured by life’s little things.


A well-deserved rest

11 am. Despite the light streaming through the large windows of his bedroom, David gently snores away. Sunday, he can sleep in until 1 pm. He works nightshifts and, while he needs to recuperate, he also wants to enjoy the day.

1:15 pm. From up on his balcony, David gazes down on the children playing at the foot of the building. The families that inhabit Sir John fillit with life and activity and that’s great! But he has to admit that with his schedule, he loves the great soundproofing of his condo. He doesn’tdisturb anyone and vice versa.

Tonight, he’s expecting his parents. 5:30 pm. David is excited to show them his condo. His dad, who knows a thing or two about construction, recommended the project to him on account of its reputable contractors. David knows his dad will be proud that he followed his advice. And he doesn’t regret the choice for a second. He feels great here.